Behind the Scenes: Violence Awareness Concert

Lion Media put on a successful show last night in the Ware Center. The Violence Awareness concert had a huge turnout.

It was only 6:30 p.m. and the line to get into the concert stretched from the back door of the theatre to the front door of the Ware Center. When the doors finally opened, it wasn’t long before every seat was filled as Lincoln students waited for the curtains to open.

Before the show, I caught up with Crush Records, the young artists whose song “#Team Cake” is raving through Lincoln’s campus. The young men, Fats and Barz, 16 and 21, are both Chester, Penn. natives who have only been rapping together for a year.

Though young, their rhymes are mature beyond their ages. “That’s the talent we were blessed with,” said Barz in the dressing room.

Lincoln responded well to the young MC’s. With the curtain closed they asked the crowd, “Who’s with team cake?” The audience responded with loud cheering and the curtains opened.

They did a couple of their own remixes to well-known hip-hop instrumentals such as Meek Mill “House Party”.

The two interacted with the audience, even doing the kid and play dance on stage. Their stage presence was amazing and they had such confidence as they performed their rhymes.

The last song they performed was “#TeamCake” which got the audience on their feet. They left the Lincoln students wanting more.

Other artists, such as Walt Anderson, a young R&B artist, also left lasting impressions. The other artists that performed include, Nudelphia and Mack Al-Friqi from Lincoln University, as well as Chase Allen, and Lee Mazin.


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