Talent Right Under Your Nose


As a student at Lincoln University, I see, first hand, a side of Lincoln students that most teachers and authority figures do not. It is almost surprising how much talent is on this campus that most people do not know.

Singers, songwriters, musicians, producers, and more all walk the halls of the academic buildings striving to achieve a degree in business, science, mass communications or in another bachelor program. After class, however, their inner artist arises to create music like no one has ever heard before.

Everyday students such as Mike Drayton or Noni Fernandez (both of which happen to be receiving their degree in the humanities) transform into their alter-egos, “NishoSoul” and “The Village Kid“, to create and perform soulful renditions of their everyday life through music. 

Once in a while, these students get their chances to shine in small talent shows and showcases put on by their peers in student organizations. Just recently, Swing Phi Swing Social Fellowship, Inc held a hiphop showcase that highlighted a little of Lincoln’s talent, including Raheem Ali. The showcase also included artists from near by communities such as Cypher Clique from Dover, Del.

SoundCentricity is all about unrefined talent and my fellow peers are the exact definition of that. It is time that we take a deeper look into the raw talent scattered throughout Lincoln University’s campus.


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