Getting Ready for the Biggest Night in Indie Music: 2012 Woodies Awards

It is the biggest night for independent artists and this year it is bigger than ever.

The 2012 MTVU Woodies Awards are striking up buzz everywhere. A highly anticipated event, the Woodies highlights Indie music with nominees and award winners chosen by college students.

This year, MTV has decided to take the award show a bit further by adding a 5 city tour and a festival leading up to the event.

The first ever Woodies Awards Tour is headlining Young Giant, whose had two singles that reached the Top 10 on the Modern Rock Charts. They also performed in the 2011 MTV Music Video Awards, according to the MTV website. The tour also has special guest Walk the Moon, who was featured in the CMJ showcase for MTV Hive.

Following the tour, on March 15 in Austin, artists such as Wall paper, Walk the Moon, and others will perform at the first Woodies Awards Festival, which will also be aired on MTV.

The Woodies Awards are March 18th at 8 p.m. and will be aired on MTVU. For more information, check out the MTVU Woodies Awards Website.


Another YouTube Star Made It Big

YouTube has become the beacon for all up and coming artists wanting a place to shine. At 17 years-old, this young artist used it to get her a career in what she loved, music.

Priscilla Renea was a senior in high school when she began making videos and posting them on YouTube. Combining her unique story telling, songwriting skills with her quirky, upbeat attitude, Renea’s views went from hundreds to thousands and, for some, even millions.

As a result, she was signed to Power/Capitol Records and released her first album, Jukebox, in 2009 with the single, “Lovesick”. Rumors of another album coming soon have been circulating around the worldwide web, however, I have not seen any official dates.


It’s A Hard-Knock Life

Emeli Sande did not have it easy on her road to success and she still has a ways to go before she reaches her full potential. Growing up in a small Scottish town as a product of an inter-racial couple was not easy, the artist explained in an article in The Sun.
However, despite the obvious rough times she may have had in her childhood, it only made her stronger to handle the disappointments that followed while trying to get signed. As a songwriter, Sande wrote for various artists including Susan Boyle, Tinie Tempah, Chipmunk, Alicia Keys, etc. Unfortunately, “When you’re a songwriter, it’s so hard to get people to see you a different way,” the artist told reporters at The Sun.
Finally, in 2010 Sande was signed to Virgin Records. She is blowing up the UK charts with her hit singles and is soon to be debuted in the US later on this month. If you haven’t heard her single yet, though, here is your chance. Emeli Sande – Next to Me

Rise to an International Artist


Emeli Sande is a Scottish singer/songwriter who launched to the top of the UK singles charts when she was featured on Chipmunk’s (a British rapper), song in 2009.Since then, Sande has been a rising star, receiving the 2012 Brit’s Critic’s Choice Award and even writing with Alicia Keys on her next album.

Her newest single, “Next to Me”, has been getting a lot of buzz internationally, grabbing the attention of many American ears. Perez Hilton debuted her video on his site, writing, “With a REAL voice and NICE melodies, Next to Me is simple but REFRESHING! And the video just makes us happy, LOL!!”

MTV also included Sande on their Top 5 Must Hear Pop Songs of the Week twice, once in 2011 and once in 2012. They labeled her as “an artist rapidly becoming the one to watch in 2012.” Sande will finally debut in America later on this according to MTV as well as

According to, Sande is performing two private showcases in New York and Los Angeles in late Feburary and early March before she has three more performances in San Francisco, Minneapolis, and Toronto.

Sande’s album, “Our Version of Events” with her newest single, “Next to Me” will be released in the UK February 13, and in the US June 5.

To preview the some of the album, you can go to this site:


More from Chloe and Halle

Just in case my last post wasn’t enough verification about how great these girls are, here’s the actual video of them covering Beyonce’s “Love on Top” in their own unique way.

This video has over a million views and is talked about all over the internet. Just google it!

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