Chloe & Halle Are On Top

Young superstars, Chloe and Halle Bailey, have been racking up the views on YouTube and for good reason.


The two girls are a singing sensation, with amazing soulful voices at young ages. Chloe, age 12, and Halle, age 10, have been in the entertainment business ever since they were born, acting since the ages of two and three. They have played roles in movies such as Fighting Temptations and Meet the Browns and have appeared in shows such as House of Payne.

Now, these two have decided to pursue their own love of music. With millions of views of their videos on YouTube, these girls are only at the beginning stages of their music careers. Not only do they sing, they also write their own music as well as play instruments, the guitar and the piano.

Both of them are very optimistic about their future in the music industry and hope to have major effects. Chloe says on their website, “My goal is that Halle and I are able to impact the world with our music.”

Halle also expresses what she wants out of her future music career. “I want to be that artist whose song you cannot stop listening to, who you would be every Halloween, who is your idol, and you could never get enough and make a lasting impact on the world!”

Visit their website at to see more videos and photos of the two and to listen to their own music.


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